Firm Overview

In 1914 and 1924, F. Harold Dubord and Harold C. Marden opened their doors to separate law practices in Waterville, Maine. For the next quarter century, these two Central Maine attorneys, along with their associates, provided exceptional legal counsel to the citizens of this region. Their careers followed similar paths: both served as Mayor of Waterville and held countless other governmental and civic positions; both had the pleasure of welcoming a son to join and later assume their law practices; both became Justices of Maine’s Superior Court; and both capped their outstanding legal careers by being elevated to Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court where they served with distinction for many years.

The law firm of Marden, Dubord, Bernier & Stevens owes its existence to the parallel paths of these gentlemen and, more recently, to their sons, Richard J. Dubord and Robert A. Marden, who, in 1964, blended two diverse and highly successful law practices into one cohesive law partnership. Although time has welcomed new members to the firm and witnessed others depart to accept judicial appointments and enjoy retirement, Marden, Dubord, Bernier & Stevens remains a vibrant partnership which continues to provide statewide legal representation to clients from Maine, the United States, Canada, and abroad.

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